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Contract Work

We Artificers are always happy to do Contract Work, although prior commitments may dictate when and if we are able to take on new work at any given time. Please read the rough outline below which details certain points we feel are important for you to know about Contract Work.


  1. Upon receipt of an inquiry we will work out a detailed description with you of exactly what your needs are.
  2. After getting a good idea of what's involved we will email you a working sketch of what we hope to achieve as well as a cost ESTIMATE and time ESTIMATE. The cost estimate may change if you change your mind about certain details at some point or if the price of our supplies sky-rockets for some bizarre reason (unlikely, but I'm trying to cover our butts here!). As well, the date for completion may extend or contract due to unforeseen circumstances. WE WILL ALWAYS NOTIFY YOU OF CHANGE (via email).
  3. Our pricing takes into account the amount of time put into the project + materials + special items that the client wants incorporated (Forge World or Games Workshop bitz, etc...) and then + shipping at the end.
  4. At this point, before work starts we will request a 50% down payment of the Cost Estimate. I have found this to be necessary as it ensures our clients are dead serious about getting work done and shields Arcanum from costs incurred by a client stopping a job. Because, at this point, we have already put time and supplies into the project THIS DOWNPAYMENT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Again, make sure everything is a go before we reach this point. We accept PayPal or money orders. We cannot accept cheques and do not have the ability to accept credit cards.
  5. Work begins and continues (we don't work weekends, usually, or holidays) until the project is completed. Any problems or unexpected delays or cost overruns will be reported to the client through email.
  6. When the project is complete you will be notified and presented with a final accurate invoice which will include shipping charges and be minus the down payment presented at the start of the project. When payment has been received the project will be packaged securely and shipped immediately. While we do our utmost to pack and label our products for safety, we cannot be held responsible for the acts of clumsy or careless delivery workers.


If this all makes sense to you and you agree to our conditions, please contact us!


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